Engine turning an oscillating weight. The engine-turning lathe, or rose  engine, is a time-honoured instrument enabling the artisan to engrave tiny tenth  of a millimetre motifs in gold using a traditional technique. The combination of straight and circular lines creates intricate yet elegantly restrained patterns.

Hand chamfering. Hand chamfering or bevelling is a meticulous and delicate  finish that calls for a blend of know-how and dexterity. The operation consists  of rounding off the sharp edges of watch parts using a succession of different  files and then a buff composed of a lath of wood covered with emery paper.

Chasing a movement. Using one of the many scorpers or gravers that he  himself fashions on a grinding-wheel according to the motif to be executed,  the artisan engraves the drawings freehand. Gifted with artistic flair and  exemplary dexterity, he contributes to the unique nature of each part.

Chamfering on a lathe. This finish is performed by hand on a lathe equipped with various grinding wheels, and requires considerable mystery: since a substantial amount of matter is removed, any mistakes would be hard to  correct. The ultimate stage of this finish consists of polishing the chamfered part with a rubber block that gives the chamfer its full radiance.

Engraving an oscillating weight. Hand engraving is an art form that highlights the aesthetic beauty of the component and also endows it with unique character.

Rencontre avec les artisans de la Maison Breguet

Un graveur, un angleur, un guillocheur et un graveur de camée vous feront découvrir leur savoir-faire ancestral.

À 14.30, visite guidée
En parallèle, atelier d’initiation au secret de la mesure du temps (6 à 12 ans, inscription sur place)

Di 3 juillet | Di 7 août | Di 28 août
13.30 – 17.00 | CHF 10.– | Enfants : gratuit


Rencontre avec Emmanuel Breguet
Historien, responsable des archives et des collections anciennes de Montres Breguet, commissaire de l’exposition.
Conférence-visite: «Abraham-Louis Breguet, la naissance d’un réseau international».

Je 1er septembre
19.00 | CHF 10.–

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